The new generatinon

 The electronic cigarette and cigar.Complete enjoyment of smoking without carcinogenic substances.


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The new generatinon

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At present Electronic Smoking Devices are not deliverable in Canada!

The new generation of electronic cigarettes in the world

The new mini cigarette!!!

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These electronic products appeared on the world market and daily find new supporters and prospective customers.
These new smoking devices will change and revolutionize the smoking behaviour of all classes of society now and in the future. The lone reason is not only the extremely important aspect of a healthier way of life by the pleasure of these products, but the restrictions in the smoke behaviour passed by many legislations also will lead to the increase of these products, equipped with very technological components.
The retailers that have already decided in favour of selling and marketing these products now, will have a head start compared to other retailers. As a dealer you can find true success with these products. Take part in this success and contact us.
We will show you the way on how to build an independent strategy and marketing plan.
 With orders of 2000 units every customer has the option to change the packaging, design, and labelling of the products regarding your ideas and wishes. You can put a logo of your own or a signature on the articles. We are able to assist you with ideas for your personal logos and/or designs. These are then passed on directly to the manufacturer.

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